Terms Of This Agreement
Last Updated on October 14, 2019
The Facebook Jumpstart AD-Vantage Agreement

The letter outlines the services to be provided and terms of business under which Local Market Authority(“Agency”) will enter into a Facebook Advertising Initialization Program with (“Purchaser”).
Purchaser agrees to and understands the purpose of this program is for Facebook ads setup only. 
We can not control people, nor can we control Facebook, therefore, Local Market Authority does not promise and/or guarantee any specific results post-launch. 

Services INCLUDED in the scoop of this agreement are as follows:

Facebook Campaign Setup 
●Identify which type of campaign to run
●Create ad copy
●Audience targeting 
● Pixel Setup 
● Perfect Prospect™ Avatar Profile 

Services not included in this agreement are summarized as follows:

● We will not manage your campaigns once the ads have been launched
● Changes to ads that weren’t caused by the agency
● Ongoing support and advice (email, phone, messenger, etc) after ads are launched

●PROFILE FUNNEL - consist of making your social media profiles a part of your lead generation system
●BUSINESS PAGE SETUP & OPTIMIZATION- create a Facebook business page and optimize it for use
●AD-Tuneup(s) - We go back into your account analyzing the data and based on what we see we will make the necessary changes, including but not limited to…
New ad copy
New images and creatives 
Perhaps launch a retargeting campaign
Adjust targeting
All these are done with the intention of improving your ads overall performance 

Under this Jumpstart AD-vantage:
● A set-up fee will be in the amount of $997 (what you pay to us to set up your ads).
● A minimum of $300 ad spend budget (what you pay to Facebook).
● (OPTIONAL) AD-Tunes will be available for a one-time special of $500 for 2 if purchased with JSA setup. If not, tuneups will be available for $350 each.

Each payment that is required under this Agreement is non-refundable and non-creditable. 
Ads will be created within 14 business days… ONLY AFTER RECEIPT OF THE FOLLOWING...
● Payment
● Access to required platforms (ie. Business Manager, Shopify, ClickFunnels)
● Creatives (Images and/or videos)
Failure to send and provide access to necessary materials for setup will result in a delay of service. All submissions to Local Market Authority are final.

Purchaser will provide prior examples of any copy or creatives that have worked in the past, thus allowing us to repurpose what already has worked and amplify ads effectiveness. Also access to information, databases, resources, and any other necessary platforms needed to conduct work at the time of purchase.

The Agency shall maintain absolute confidentiality with respect to any confidential information received from the Purchaser. The Agency shall not disclose any such information without obtaining Purchaser’s specific prior consent, or if we have to comply with law enforcement or with statutory requirements.

Whatever we create for The Purchaser will be considered a work for hire, the purchaser will own the intellectual property and has full rights to use the work as needed. Your designs may include stock art, photos, or illustrations created by someone else. You do not have the rights to use stock images in any means other than in designs we have provided. Local Market Authority will be held harmless from any copyright infringement that the customer provides to include as copy.

Thanks so much for visiting,
A.Fitzgerald Hardnett
Local Market Authority
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